Personal Trainer For Seniors In Ferndown

I offer tailored fitness programmes for seniors in Ferndown designed to enhance health, mobility, and quality of life, at any age.

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Overcome Hurdles and Enjoy Safe And Effective Exercise

Maintaining mobility, strength, and overall health as we age becomes increasingly important yet more challenging. Many seniors find it difficult to exercise due to concerns about safety, the risk of injury, or simply not knowing where to start.

My tailored fitness programmes for seniors based in Ferndown are designed to overcome these hurdles. They offer safe, effective, and enjoyable workouts catering to the ageing body’s unique needs. Enhancing health and mobility can significantly improve quality of life at any age.

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Why Choose Dorset Fit?

Safe and Effective Exercise Plans

Each programme is carefully crafted to ensure safety and effectiveness, helping seniors stay active without injury.

Customised to Individual Needs

I personalise every fitness plan to match seniors’ unique health conditions, fitness levels, and goals, ensuring a truly bespoke experience.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Focussed on more than just physical health, my programmes aim to boost mental well-being, independence, and the joy of living well into later life.

Comprehensive Fitness

A balanced approach to improve strength, endurance, and well-being.


Backed by an experienced and qualified personal trainer.

Supportive Community

Join a supportive network of like-minded women.

Natalie Adams
Natalie Adams
Hannah is a great personal trainer and helps to make training sessions fun as well as rewarding. She was able to adapt the workouts for my specific needs and made getting fit again after having children a great experience.
Rachel McConnell
Rachel McConnell
Hannah is amazing, so full of energy and most importantly for me, she is flexible with training times! She makes it so easy to fit sessions in around kids and work. Also being able to move the sessions between home, outdoors and her indoor studio is really convenient. Would definitely recommend 👌
Rachel Siddle
Rachel Siddle
I have been doing remote training with DorsetFit PT Hannah. My fitness has improved and she provides me with coaching that is supportive and fun which enables me to achieve my goals.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan
Hannah is the best personal trainer. She has a very organised and rigorous routine, to keep you fit in a fun way.
Fiona Orme
Fiona Orme
Have been joining in with Hannah’s weekly circuits session on a Tuesday evening and highly recommend if you need a bit of motivation and a boost for your fitness! Great outdoor sessions in the summer and indoors when the weather is rubbish! Hannah is encouraging and positive without making sessions feel intimidating. It’s given me a great kick of motivation to properly restart my fitness journey and am looking forward to joining more sessions in the New Year!
Nicola Cucka
Nicola Cucka
I was referred to you by a friend to help my mum after she had a few falls and became anxious walking independently. Each week you turned up on time, a smile on your face, positive and encouraging! You helped her build her strength, confidence and explained your exercises so she knew what she was doing and why, she’s definitely on the right path with your help, thank you 😊
Ana Murray
Ana Murray
Hannah has been inspirational in my quest to become fitter. She has built up my confidence and I can’t thank her enough. She is flexible and her lessons are fun. She makes me enjoy the training.
Ella Tomsett
Ella Tomsett
Hannah is so passionate and amazing trainer! She adapts the sessions to meet your personal needs! Highly recommend her. 5 *
carly sullivan
carly sullivan
Hannah runs a great varied circuits class each week. It can be as tough as you want it to be and Hannah really encourages you. She really knows her stuff and gives great advice.
Tina Hewitt
Tina Hewitt
Hannah is amazing, such a lovely lady and very knowledgeable. Pushes you in a really lovely way!!! Love the way Hannah adapts to peoples needs!! I would recommend Hannah to anyone. Really enjoying our circuits!!!! Tina xxx
Personal Trainer For Seniors

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Navigating fitness in our senior years requires understanding and expertise, especially when balancing health considerations with the desire to stay active. As a personal trainer specialising in senior fitness, I bring experience to address these unique challenges.

With a Level 3 qualification in personal training and a rich background as a former NHS respiratory physiologist, I am adept at designing fitness programmes that cater to the specific needs of seniors. My approach is to offer supportive, personalised training that enhances your health, mobility, and quality of life, ensuring every workout is safe, effective, and tailored to you.

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Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training Qualification

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CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructing Course

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BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

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MSc Applied Sport Physiology

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Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology, Level 2


CIMSPA Acredited Course – Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women

With Dorset Fit, Achieving Your Health And Exercise Goals Is Simple:



We start with a conversation about your goals and challenges.



I’ll create an exercise plan tailored for you, offering options for group circuit training or 1-on-1 personal training.



You embark on your exercise journey backed by my full support and professional expertise.

Dorset Fit Pricing

Whether you’re looking for a five-session taster or ready to commit to your fitness with a block of 10 sessions, I can help you unleash your strength and vitality.

per session
(min 5 sessions)


Fit Start

Start your fitness journey with five sessions. In your home, remote, or in the great outdoors.

£35 per session

per session
(min 10 sessions)


Level Up

Level up your fitness with 10 personalised PT sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals.

£30 per session

small group
Personal Training


Group Fit

If you’ve got a small group of friends that you’d like to train with, let me know and we’ll work out a bespoke price.


per session



Uncertain of your schedule, or just want to give it a go? No problem! Just turn up for £8 a session.

per block (x6 sessions)



Commit to a block of 6 group sessions, and I’ll throw in a free group circuit session.

See all plans and pricing
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Where We Are Located

Dorset Fit is based in Ferndown. But we offer online personal training wherever you are.

Our group circuits take place in King George’s Recreation Ground, combining fitness with the great outdoors.

For personal training, choose your home or Hannah’s. Wherever you are, we make reaching your fitness goals accessible and straightforward.

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Popular Questions about personal training for seniors.

Still have questions? Reach out, and I’ll be happy to help.

My senior fitness programmes are uniquely designed to focus on safety, personalisation, and enhancing quality of life. I utilise my expertise to create workouts that improve mobility, strength, and balance, tailored to each senior’s abilities and health concerns.

Absolutely. It’s never too late to start. My programmes are tailored to individuals at any fitness level, ensuring a safe and gradual approach to increasing physical activity, designed to build confidence and capability in movement.

I thoroughly assess each client’s health history. This allows me to tailor exercises that accommodate specific health conditions, ensuring a safe and effective workout plan.

Yes, I specialise in personal training for women, including senior women. My programmes are designed to address women’s unique fitness needs and goals at different stages of life, ensuring a supportive and empowering training experience.

Seniors can expect mobility, strength, balance, and overall health improvements. As a specialised fitness trainer for seniors, my programmes aim to enhance mental well-being and independence and contribute to a higher quality of life.

I offer both online personal training and in-person training sessions at your home or from my Ferndown garden studio. This flexibility allows seniors to choose the option that best fits their lifestyle and comfort level, ensuring they can stay active regardless of location.